Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walkin' in the rain

Rain, rain, rain - but I don't care. I like getting wet. Dan, on the other hand, wore some sort of moisture deflector. I'll never understand humans! Anyway, we walked and walked anyway. It was comforting to see that Dan's legs can move without making small circular motions.

Dan didn't take any pictures on our walk. We did stop so he could have lunch with an ECG board member. We also got home in time for another phone interview with a reporter from Newburyport (tomorrow's target city). Dan will call when we get close so that a "live" picture will accompany the article.

Tomorrow begins the longest 2-day portion of the trip. Dan looks a little nervous and I saw him set the alarm for 5:30 am! The weather is calling for morning rain, but a cool day all day. I run much better when it's cool because I haven't mastered the "layered" concept,


  1. Sadie!!
    Ok, here's some things to get dan going tomorrow:
    Ask him if he had a dream last night
    Ask him if he could eat anything at this moment, what would it be?
    Ask him if he remembers the first time he met me and the first time he met Stevie
    Ask him how many blessings he has(woosh, that might take a long time!)
    Ask him how many grandkids he has and ask him to say something special about each
    You can do the same with his kids!
    Ask him what his favorite song is..
    Now, if that isn't enough, ask him to think about nest year's fantasy football!! eeaassh1
    Love, and see you soon, Auntie Mary, Stevie and Scout!

  2. Keep pedaling Dan... we're anxiously awaiting your "true feelings" about your stay in Boston. Jokes. It was a pleasure having you, and best of luck wrapping up your trip. Take care of him Sadie.