Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's the end of the line!

The trip is over and quite a trip it was! There will be one more posting here as soon as Dan gets pictures off the various cameras used at the final day's festivities. Stay tuned for one more blog...


  1. Congrats! Way to go on reaching your destination safely and raising awareness about the ECG. We really enjoyed following your story!

    Have a safe trip home, too!

  2. Sadie (and Dan):

    It was Woof-erful to spend the last three days of the trip with you! Thank you for the tremendous opportunity - and congrrratulations on your amazing accomplishment!

    I've posted the $5 donation from the anonymous giver who drove by us as we were on the trip from Old Orchard Beach to South Portland - thanks to them and all of your supporters!

    Hope to see you again soon...maybe for the carry-the-wild-Bear-on-Dan's back hiking trip!

    Bob K