Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Over!

Well, this will be my final posting to this blog. About that, I feel both happy and sad. Either way, it's time to go back to being a normal dog living a normal dog's life. Naw!! If you could have seen my face you would have seen a BIG doggie grin! But the trip is over and I met some great animals and humans along the way. This was quite an adventure. I can't wait to see what Dan will do with me next.

As I'm sure you know Dan and I finished in South Portland and Portland, Maine. This picture shows us riding into South Portland to be met by more than 25 dogs and humans. The bike rider behind us wearing the red helmet is the South Portland mayor. Although he is not owned by a dog, he seemed nice to me. The mayor read a proclamation and I received an entire cake made for dogs. Yummy!

Dan was totally surprised when we got to South Portland and his daughter Julie from Denver and his friend Matt from Annapolis were waiting there to be part of the celebration. I can tell when Dan is faking it and he was not! They stayed through the weekend since Dan needed more time to sufficiently celebrate.

The day ended in Portland where we were again met by more than 25 dogs and humans. I received many gifts and Dan had his last TV interview. Two stations decided to film separately while doing a single interview. On TV the interview looked different due to editing and deciding what to air. I saw it aired on both channels at 6 pm and 11 pm.

And finally, since this is the last blog I'll post, I must give credit to the other human I own: Dan's wife Eileen. Dan is a better human because of Eileen and, therefore, a better human for me to own. Eileen deserves more credit for this trip than anyone knows. Eileen, you weren't pedaling or riding in my limo, but you were there for the whole trip. Thanks!

For more great pictures of the end of this ride, check out:

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  1. I just found your blog...and you just finished it, I see. I haven't had a chance to really look at it yet but I also like to tour with my dog, a 60 lb. chow/lab mix. Jasmine can't get enough of our bike rides. We even have the same trailer. I am excited to read about your adventure!

    Tiff :o)