Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Over!

Well, this will be my final posting to this blog. About that, I feel both happy and sad. Either way, it's time to go back to being a normal dog living a normal dog's life. Naw!! If you could have seen my face you would have seen a BIG doggie grin! But the trip is over and I met some great animals and humans along the way. This was quite an adventure. I can't wait to see what Dan will do with me next.

As I'm sure you know Dan and I finished in South Portland and Portland, Maine. This picture shows us riding into South Portland to be met by more than 25 dogs and humans. The bike rider behind us wearing the red helmet is the South Portland mayor. Although he is not owned by a dog, he seemed nice to me. The mayor read a proclamation and I received an entire cake made for dogs. Yummy!

Dan was totally surprised when we got to South Portland and his daughter Julie from Denver and his friend Matt from Annapolis were waiting there to be part of the celebration. I can tell when Dan is faking it and he was not! They stayed through the weekend since Dan needed more time to sufficiently celebrate.

The day ended in Portland where we were again met by more than 25 dogs and humans. I received many gifts and Dan had his last TV interview. Two stations decided to film separately while doing a single interview. On TV the interview looked different due to editing and deciding what to air. I saw it aired on both channels at 6 pm and 11 pm.

And finally, since this is the last blog I'll post, I must give credit to the other human I own: Dan's wife Eileen. Dan is a better human because of Eileen and, therefore, a better human for me to own. Eileen deserves more credit for this trip than anyone knows. Eileen, you weren't pedaling or riding in my limo, but you were there for the whole trip. Thanks!

For more great pictures of the end of this ride, check out:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's the end of the line!

The trip is over and quite a trip it was! There will be one more posting here as soon as Dan gets pictures off the various cameras used at the final day's festivities. Stay tuned for one more blog...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 21 - Can you believe it?

Bob, Dan and I left the Ne'r Beach Motel in Moody and headed toward Old Orchard Beach. We did stop at Sooper Dogs in Saco so I could meet Sydney and her humans Tim and Amy Lambert. I also got two gifts - a crab toy that squeaks and a treat for later. Sooper Dogs is a bike-friendly dog store that has everything my friends could ever want. Get your humans to take you there- it's worth it!

We are now in OOB. I played in the ocean for a while, then Dan gave me a bath for my entrance tomorrow. Bob and Dan spent some time without me at the boardwalk. I didn't mind, now I'm a nap ahead of Dan - not easy to do.

We leave late morning tomorrow for Portland. I think we are all very excited!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 20 - Maine!!!!!

Well, if the trip was Maryland to Maine we'd be done. We left Newburyport this morning at 6 am and we checked into the Ne'r Beach Motel in Moody, Maine. We met Mike and Nancy O'Brien, owners of the motel, and they were super. This is a motel near the ECG that is bike-friendly, pet-friendly, and supports the ECG. Who would want to stay anywhere else? This is Mike and Nancy with the "talent."

In New Hampshire I got another opportunity to rest for a bit and I convinced Dan to sit with me. It's nice to smell the roses or look out at the water.

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we met Bob Klotz. We arranged to ride the rest of the way to Moody, Maine, from there. It's around 30 miles. Dab chose the restaurant where we would meet based on an infrequent stop in the area and what Dan thought might be the local specialty. Dan seemed to appreciate Bob's company for the conclusion of our longest day of this trip. Having just met Bob, I thought he was nice, but I felt sad for him - he had no dog to take care of him.

Come meet Sadie and join the fun in Portland, ME on Saturday, June 13

BIKE RIDE: bicyclists(and dogs in trailers) meet at 1:00 PM at Wainwright Recreation Fields in South Portland for a 6-mile ride along the South Portland Greenbelt.

WALK: A little before 2:00 PM, dogs & walkers join Sadie for a ¼-mile walk from the Liberty Ship Memorial to meet Mayor Tom Blake.

WALK: At the ferry terminal, a little before 3:00 PM, walk with Sadie to East End Beach to meet City Councilman Kevin Donoghue.

Interviews with Sadie at 3:30 PM at East End beach. ‘Dog bones’ for all dogs.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 19 - Goodbye Boston!

I left the Boston area today. I actually stayed in Brookline, but it was VERY close to Boston. These were my hosts in Boston, from left to right, Chris, Meghan, and Molly. I'm the cute one up front. I liked these three - I felt very much at home for the two days. They didn't ever feed me but Dan said Meghan's quite the cook and Chris really knows how to deliver pizza! Thanks guys!

When we left Boston we saw a guy yelling "Yea, Greenway!" Then he started following us. I would have outrun him but Dan was slowing me down. Turned out it was Stephen Winslow, a Greenway ambassador, who became our guide for a while. There sure are a lot of Greenway people around!

We were to meet another guide who would take us into Newburyport, MA. We got there early. Dan spent his time doing I-don't-know-what, while I rested. Dan could sure learn something from me!

During the day Dan got calls for interviews and one for a photo op as we enter Newburyport. The photo actually happened, but we don't know what will appear in print and what won't. After telling the photographer we will enter the city in about 30 minutes, the back wheel of the bike stopped spinning freely and a tire on my limo went flat. Dan managed to get us going with only a 15-minute delay. It all worked out. By the way, thank you Riverside Cycles for the repairs at no charge.

Tonight we sleep in Newburyport, a most beautiful town that deserves another visit. Our host Elizabeth Marcus gave Dan a tour, bought him dinner, and bought him ice cream. I got the best deal though - she scratched my back! Here's a picture of my host Elizabeth and my guide Conrad Willeman.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walkin' in the rain

Rain, rain, rain - but I don't care. I like getting wet. Dan, on the other hand, wore some sort of moisture deflector. I'll never understand humans! Anyway, we walked and walked anyway. It was comforting to see that Dan's legs can move without making small circular motions.

Dan didn't take any pictures on our walk. We did stop so he could have lunch with an ECG board member. We also got home in time for another phone interview with a reporter from Newburyport (tomorrow's target city). Dan will call when we get close so that a "live" picture will accompany the article.

Tomorrow begins the longest 2-day portion of the trip. Dan looks a little nervous and I saw him set the alarm for 5:30 am! The weather is calling for morning rain, but a cool day all day. I run much better when it's cool because I haven't mastered the "layered" concept,